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Birth Support

Prenatal, Birth, & Postpartum

Pregnancy and birthing can be exciting as well as an anxious time in a family's life. Having a Doula has been proven to benefit birth outcomes. Here are some quick facts.

  • People who received continuous support were more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births

  • Decrease in the risk of Cesarean

  • Higher newborn Apgar scores

  • Increase in overall satisfaction with birth experience


What is a Doula?

A person who is trained to assist a person during childbirth, support families after the baby is born, and guide people through all reproductive events. 

COMPLETE BIRTH SUPPORT                                                 $850

  • Free consultation (in-person, phone, virtual)

  • 2 prenatal care appointments (in-person or virtual, 1-2 hours) 

    • Visualizing birth experience

    • Birth goals

    • Discuss hopes, fears, concerns​

    • Developing a birth plan

    • Discuss birth location 

    • Comfort measures 

    • Plan how to work with your partner during labor

    • Exchange list of resource referrals that may be helpful for you.

  • 24/7 on-call availability (phone, text, email) beginning 37 weeks

  • Unlimited extended support (text, phone, email) 9am - 9pm

  • Complete Labor Support (in-person, phone, virtual) in the hospital, birth center or at home.

    • Provide emotional, mental, and physical support​

    • Informational support, access to evidence-based information 

    • Comfort measures and position changes

    • Advocate for you and your birth preferences 

    • Photos/video of your birth experience

  • 1-2 hours postpartum support and feeding support after birth 

  • 1 postpartum visit (within the first 4 weeks after birth, up to 4 hours)

    • Unpack your birth experience!​

    • Continued feeding support

    • Coach through basic newborn care 

    • Partner and/or siblings support

    • Recovery strategies

    • Light housekeeping

    • Meal preparation  

    • Running errands

    • Provide necessary local resources for additional help 

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