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My name is Allison Nevalga, and I am a certified full-spectrum doula trained by Doula Trainings International, serving clients in Northern Virginia. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a Doula during one of the most pivotal and transformative points in life. My goal is to give all birthing people the tools and knowledge they need to have an informed, empowering pregnancy and birth experience. I serve at all stages of pregnancy. I can be there for your birth, miscarriage, misbirth, and/or postpartum care. I am an advocate for birth equity, informed choice/consent, as well as respect for all birthing people. My goal is to guide you throughout your whole pregnancy and birth by cultivating a space for you to feel safe, supported, and  heard. Through gentle guidance and evidence-based care, I would be honored to be a part of your birth team.

I have spent over a decade in the field of non-profit directly working and supporting underserved families in the United States and abroad. So much of my experience with these families was maneuvering a system that makes it almost impossible for families to thrive. My efforts to bridge the equity gap has made me aware of these systems and how to advocate for others.


My call to birth work was inspired by my own journey to motherhood.  The initial excitement of  finding out you're pregnant is slowly tempered with the reality of figuring out next steps. The amount of information about pregnancy can be overwhelming coupled with the societal conditioning to fear birth and the belief that all birth is painful. I had too many questions and didn't know how to manage it all on my own. Once I was able to empower myself with the information I needed to advocate for myself along with the support of my own Doula, I felt a calming readiness to enter the new phase of my life giving birth and being a new mother.


I am a first-generation Pilipina-American, Mama, and proud full-spectrum Doula. The name Kaya Ko means, "I can or I have the ability to" in my native language of Tagalog. Kaya is also the name of my daughter who is the biggest inspiration for me for everything birth related. 


My job is to listen, prepare and support you throughout your journey. I will be here to support and affirm your choices. Part of my job is always providing you with credible up-to-date evidence-based information so you feel empowered to make the right decisions for you and your family. I wish to hold a safe space for you to be present and intentional during this transformative time in your life through compassion, empathy, judgement-free support and advocacy. I am grateful for the opportunity to support you. 

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